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The workplace is transforming beyond recognition, driven partly by innovation in consumer technology. People are increasingly bringing the devices they use at home, and feel comfortable with, into the workplace; tablets, laptops and other devices and they are expecting the same kind of rich, self-service experience they have at home. This "consumerization" is driving rapid change in business and IT, blurring the lines betweenthe office, home or somewhere in between. Today's "workplace" is no longer a building you go to; it's wherever you find inspiration.


  • Desktop Virtualisation

    With Citrix and Equanet you can transform desktops and apps into a private cloud service that can be delivered to any user on any device.

  • Server Virtualisation

    Server Virtualisation and Cloud Infrastructure from Citrix and Equanet. With our range of Citrix Solutions and CitrixReady products we can deliver IT services from your private enterprise cloud and...



Citrix gives businesses the ability to embrace consumerization using virtualization, networking, collaboration and cloud technologies. Globally, more than 230,000 enterprises rely on Citrix virtualization, networking and cloud solutions to deliver over 100 million corporate desktops and touch 75 percent of internet users each day.